Terms & Conditions

Please ensure you have read the following before purchasing.

1. Plenty of Teez reserves the right to refuse shipping to countries where products may be considered illegal on a case by case basis.

2. You may not use any of the images, logos or products found on this page for personal use.

3. Plenty of Teez will endeavor to ship all items at earliest convenience - as we are small this may not be on a daily basis.

4. Plenty of Teez will make every effort to make products available, however we may incur back orders.

5. All items are legal for sale within the USA

6. Plenty of Teez DOES NOT sell or distribute any cannabis or smoke-able products.

7. 420 Hotboxes are limited items and as such only limited numbers of these will be available when released

NOTE:   All products are legal at store location. Please check local laws before purchasing items.

                Plenty of Teez will not offer refunds or replacements for items seized in transit.